I integrate psychoanalytic and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) interventions in treating a variety of psychological problems. With cognitive behavioral therapy, the focus is on identifying and changing maladaptive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that affect an individual’s relationships and quality of life.   Interventions are typically solution-focused with ongoing assessment of therapeutic progress.  Treatment length varies and is determined by the individual’s needs and goals.

With psychoanalytic therapy, the goals are similar to the goals in a CBT approach, to minimize suffering and to live a fuller, more satisfying life; however, the frame of psychotherapy as well as the interventions differ. We might meet several times per week, more is better, for the purpose of uncovering links to behavior and understanding your unique story. Interventions are less structured than CBT and more exploratory in nature. Why we behave and relate the way we do is complex and not always obvious; therefore, a psychoanalytic approach is longer term.